- Town Of Southold

Welcome to the website operated by the Civil Service Employee Association, Unit 8785 (Town of Southold) an employee organization representing the employees of the Town with the exception of elected and appointed officials most seasonal employees and the officers of the town's police department.   The town's workforce was first organized in 1969 representing about 50 members and we currently represent some 160 members of the Town's workforce from the western borders of Riverhead in Laurel to Orient Point including those employees assigned to work on Fishers Island which located off New London, CT.

Our members are the people providing those vital services that make Southold the wonderful place to live, raise a family, work, run a business, play, relax and unwind from that western city life. Our members are the ones out there 24/7 answering that 911 phone call when needed, maintaining safe roads for travel, running emergency shelters, helping the clients at the Senior Services Centers, assisting residents at the Solid Waste Facility, helping navigate various services at the Town Hall Departments, maintaining the many public facilities like the recreation buildings, beaches, boat ramps, parks and trails throughout the Town.

We are please to announce while we have reached a tentative agreement to the terms for this round of negotiations a number of weeks age, we finally have received from the Town's representatives a draft copy of the actual document that spells out the terms and we are currently working out some minor housekeeping language and anticipate bringing the entire package before the membership for review and than a final ratitifaction vote.